Clock Movement Quartz Square Antique Black Hand 1/2" Kit

Wall Clocks
Standard Quartz Movement for Clocks. The quartz movement features accurate and dependability timekeeper (accurate to +/- one second per day), built-in molded hanger strong enough to hold up to 4 lb., movement size: 2 7/32 (56mm) square and 5/8 D (16mm) thick and fits in a 3 (76mm) diameter hole. The quartz movements available in 4 shaft sizes that allows dials ranging in depth from 3/16 (5mm) to 3/4 (19mm). Movement is suitable for clock repair, restoration or clock making. The shaft diameter measures: 5/16" (8mm) A pair of hands included 4 1/8" as shown. AA battery required. Clock movement: Maximum Dial Thickness 1/2" & Total Hand Shaft Length 15/16" USA Engineering and Quality Made in China

Clock Movement Quartz with Hands
Size: 2 7/32 Square
Shaft Measures: 15/16" Without Second Hand
Max Dial Thinkness 1/2"
hand length: Minute hand 4" hour hand 3"